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Heavy D @ Vail Lake Resort 5/25/14

Recorded live at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA. Features Bill Ray on drums and Deron Ireland on bass. Audio captured using a Zoom R16 and merged with video footage using Movie Maker Pro. For more info, check out http://www.rdgrocks.com

Heavy D @ Vail Lake Resort 5/25/14RDG - Heavy D @ Ramona Mainstage 7/9/14RDG - 1972 @ Ramona Mainstage 3/7/14RDG - Free @ Winston's 5/18/14RDG - Seventeen @ Ramona Mainstage 5/24/14RDG - Guitar Gods @ Ramona Mainstage 7/5/14RDG - Trine @ FuZion 8/2/14RDG - Ray Can't Count @ Ramona Mainstage 5/23/14RDG - Insomnia @ Guitar Gods 7/5/14RDG - H.Q.B.S. @ Whisky a Go Go 6/28/14RDG - Trine @ Winston's 5/18/14Blue @ Ramona Mainstage 5/23/14RDG - Warped @ Ramona Mainstage 5/24/14RDG - EyeCycles @ Whisky a Go Go 6/28/14

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We're Featured In Ben Cisco's World Of Music Blog!Bill Ray - Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hi all, BR here...

We were featured in Ben Cisco's blog "Music Under The Radar" and hey! We love those guys. What a nice write-up they gave us!

Here's the first paragraph; I'll link over to the rest of the story so you can finish reading it.

Heavy instrumental rock, folk-inspired rock, and bluesy, jazz-inflected rock highlight this edition of Music under the Radar.

Three-piece, guitar-led rock instrumental bands may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Part of the problem is that some guitarists are all about technique and although they can be very adept on the fingerboard they often don’t have a lot to say musically. That’s why I can appreciate musicians like Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Joe Pass and Joe Satriani (among a few others) – virtuosos who exhibit high levels of technical ability and who are also very musical...Read more on "Music Under The Radar" website

Live Guitar Rig - MMC 4/21/14RDG - Monday, 21 April 2014

What's up RDG-land. At today's MMC, I thought I'd put together a quick overview of my live guitar rig. Here's a link to video - http://youtu.be/giKUt31G18Q

MMC- 4/7/2014 "Blues Dun Come Up In Here"Bill Ray - Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Short and sweet, because it's a hella busy day!

We started fooling with this blues piece and it became a pretty awesome shuffle for the set list! Now all we gotta do is write a country song and I think we'll have a wide spectrum of musical influences represented properly. :D

The new songs that we are developing right now are: "Seventeen" (the funky thing in 17), "Blues" (the shuffle tune) and "Jennifer's Song" (our "touchy feely" tune).... The two former will probably get a new title along the way...otherwise we'll begin to speak in monosyllabic grunts and walk on all fours... (hey it could happen)... no really, creativity comes at us from all angles, and right now it's hitting us in the "make great music" zone. Hopefully it will rain on our "Wicked song titles garden" sooner than later. (videos inside this article, "read more"...)

rdgrocks1 Just joined #musicforgood on @ReverbNation - now 1/2 of our song sales are donated to @SweetRelief http://t.co/L3BJf4NV6R
rdgrocks1 Here's a little something from our private party gig last night. http://t.co/A2esKsas7N
rdgrocks1 RT @greghoweguitar: I think carpets are the Bermuda Triangle for guitar picks. It's like 47% of all dropped picks are permanently removed f…
rdgrocks1 Took the ladies out for a spin at last night's gig. @OfficialCarvin #carvin #madeintheusa #guitarporn #tonefordays http://t.co/J93zxw9tgQ
rdgrocks1 Playing a sweet private party tonight in Ramona, CA. Push'n 100' in the shade. Chill'n poolside for now and... http://t.co/tuUzqU3rTB
rdgrocks1 Playing a show in Ramona, CA at 7:00 PM today at Private Residence http://t.co/S42rULcthd